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This digital download includes everything you need to buy/build your own Ragnaruk!

-LEGO step-by-step building instructions with additional comprehensive details and explanations

-3D model of the bey and full parts documentation through Bricklink file

-Complements the "Unassembled" option for Lego Ragnaruk


IMPORTANT: Upon purchase, make sure to unzip the file and read the README.txt for further guidance on resources.


RETURN & REFUND POLICY: No returns are permitted. Please request a resend if the file is not recieved correctly for whatever reason.


LISCENSING POLICY: By purchasing these files, the user agrees to abide by the terms of the license agreement, which strictly prohibits the sharing, distribution, or duplication of these files with others. Any such actions constitute a violation of the licensing terms. See the Terms of Use for more details.

How-to-Build Instructions (Ragnaruk)


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    *Slight color differences may exist between the product and image, but all pieces and functionality remain the same

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    Reminder:  U.S. Orders over $40 get FREE Shipping!

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