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Hi! I'm Brickbeyz, the creator of Brickbeyz™: Spinning tops made from LEGO® bricks infused with metal.  My goal is to create the highest quality designing and battling experience possible, combining the best aspects of beys and bricks into one.

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-Wave 3 is Here! See new designs and products!

Parallel Lines

What makes Brickbeyz a cut above the rest?



LEGO embodies infinite potential, which I aim to explore in its fullest with innovation in my designs. Gone are the days of generic 4x4 bracket spinning tops, replaced with mechanically complex shapes and gimmicks. Going beyond interlocking bricks, I also find unique ways to incorporate weights and other non-LEGO parts in my builds.



With my extensive experience and history in this field, I have been able to gain familiarity with niche LEGO parts and amass a large collection of pieces as well. As a result, I am able to efficiently utilize very specific pieces and techniques when considering my designs.



I am fascinated by LEGO spinning tops and naturally want to make the best designs possible. As a result, I spend much time deliberating on my efforts and am willing to modify my bricks or go back to the drawing board when things don't work out.



In efforts to distinguish my creations and generate a united Lego Beyblade community, I create many variations of each part to ensure a standard system. This not only ensures quality and consistency in products, but allows for comparison among customizable parts.

Three different options - which one is for you?

Lego Beyblade Burst Valkyrie Brickbeyz


Brickbeyz are the premier designs, with the most creative/accurate shapes and overall functionality. Glued together piece by piece, while uniquely incorporating metal, they are meant to last in heavy-hitting battles on par with real Beyblades.

Lego Beyblade Valkyrie Budget Simple Basic


Budgetbeyz are very simple designs that are built for affordability and battle. Also built to contain metal, they provide a strong structure for a low cost without worrying about complex details.

Lego Beyblade Burst Valkyrie


Standard brick tops are built completely out of LEGO, which aligns with a purist form of building. Although mildly repetitive, these offer good functionality in battle at a great price and are great for beginners.

Lego Beyblade Systems Brickbeyz budgetbeyz Standardbeyz Best Designs working gimmick heavy impacts beginner friendly versatile Is glued contains metal compatible with launchers piece count cost
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