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Welcome to my Brickbeyz collection! This section provides an introduction into the system my tops are created with and an extensive overview of all my current parts. If you are intending to view the available products for sale, click here.

In general, the Brickbeyz system contains three parts: the Layer, Weight, and Driver. (more details) 

All Layer Bases link Valkyrie
All weights link forge disc
All drivers link attack defense stamina

Although most of my beys follow the same basic structure, there are a few different systems that are distinguished by how the weight is implemented.

Type A

Type B

Power Core

Old Lego Valkyrie Base
Old Lego Valkyrie Weight
Old Lego Valkyrie Layer
Old Lego Achilles Weight
Old Lego Achilles Layer
power core driver reboot
Lego Prime apocalypse layer

Type A Layers have the weight between the layer base.

Each Type A layer is only compatible with one or a few Type A weights.

Type B Layers have the weight under the layer base.

Most Type B layers are compatible with many Type B weights.

Power Core Layers must be combined with Power Core Drivers, which fuse the weight and driver.

All Power Core Layers are compatible with all Power Core Drivers.

Brickbeyz System
Brickbez System 2

When naming a combo, the format is (Layer) (Weight) (Driver)-(Height of Driver).

For example, the Type A combo "Lego Valkyrie Trine Variable-3" contains the Lego Valkyrie Layer, the Trine weight, and the Variable driver with a height of 3 LEGO units (1 LEGO unit=3.2mm). Because of the nature of LEGO bricks, the height of drivers can be modified by 1 LEGO unit at any time by adding or removing plates. However, all drivers have a minimum height dictated by their structure.

When naming Type B combos, the weight may be excluded from the name if only one weight is compatible with each layer. For example, the Type B combo "Lego Ragnaruk Washer Plus-3.5
D" can also be called "Lego Ragnaruk Plus-3.5D"

Drivers may also have additional attachments/traits, which are added to the height value. For example, the "D" above represents Disc, while an "F" would represent free spin.

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