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-Includes only the Lego Helios Layer from the Brickbeyz™ Series.


Unassembled: Contains all unaltered pieces needed for building, with complementary instruction manual being sold separately (link to instructions), ideal for set building. 

Assembled: Complete bey as shown in the picture with no glue, ideal for collecting.

Glued: Complete bey supported by super glue to prevent breakage, ideal for battling.


Brickbeyz products are original creations that are made of lightly used/modified LEGO® elements. For tops in the Brickbeyz™ official series, metal and dried cyanoacrylate glue are also present in the design. Any custom requests in relation to the products are welcome.


RETURN & REFUND POLICY: No returns are permitted. However, monetary compensation will be provided in the case of an error by the seller or lost orders. See the Terms of Use for more details.


SHIPPING INFO: The cost of shipping is a live rate added to each order total, and all packages will be sent in small padded envelopes with USPS Ground Advantage (U.S.) or First-Class Mail International (International) unless otherwise specified or required.

Lego Helios (Layer)

SKU: L-12
PriceFrom $4.29

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    *Slight color differences may exist between the product and image, but all pieces and functionality remain the same

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